Why FiOS Speeds Over Cable?

FiOS is short for fiber-optic service, and unlike copper cables, FiOS is composed of thousands of tiny strands of glass that transfer data close to the speed of light. So FiOS Internet gives you blazing-fast speeds relative to cable. And since FiOS Internet is not as susceptible to things like changes in temperature and pressure that can cause copper to expand or contract, your Internet service is more reliable.

Use Frontier FiOS Internet for Online Gaming

There’s nothing faster than a complete fiber network, and Frontier FiOS Internet provides a 100% fiber-optic network to your home so you get symmetrical upload and download speeds. “So what,” you say? Here’s the thing: symmetrical upload and download speeds help limit buffering, whether you’re streaming or gaming. Pressing buttons on your controller and searching through your Netflix queue all require sending data back and forth. Download speed is how fast your device can retrieve data while upload speed is how fast your device sends a response, whether it’s to aim and shoot, or start a movie.

FiOS Internet means that data exchange remains constant so the action won’t pause at that critical moment when you’re about to beat a level, or have reached your favorite part of a movie.