Below are access types to deliver Data networks for your business internet needs. We look at each of these access types to help figure out best results for cost, service up-time and specific needs for each client. Once we have reviewed these options, we will recommend a carrier choice, order the services, proactively coordinate installs, and be a partner you can count on through the duration of the contract, and subsequent renewals.

 Cable and DSL:

Cable and DSL are low cost options for business internet access. Both are shared connections and both have limitations based on distance and neighborhood activity. For example, if there are 1,000 employees at your work site and each is on the internet at the same time, the surfing speed will be lower for everyone. Likewise, if your connection originates far from where you are located, that’ll slow speeds, too.


T-1 has been a business internet staple for consistent up-time for most businesses. It also can be bonded together with up to 8 T-1’s for a bandwidth speed of 10.5 Meg. Cable, EOC and Fiber are taking over this space for cost and/or faster speeds, but sometimes this still is the only choice, and is still a very good stable connection.

 Ethernet Over Copper (EOC):

EOC is replacing single T-1’s for better speed, and its potential for faster business internet speeds than bonded T-1’s. This product is limited to certain areas, and is limited on speed based on distance from Central Office. When the fit is right, this is the choice as you can get up to 30-40 Megs at very good pricing levels.


For companies that use a lot of bandwidth or have the need for multiple types of business internet services (LD T-1’s, MPLS Networks, Local T-1’s and Internet) this is the choice. Fiber is the best product in the market for up-time and performance. As with EOC, Fiber is limited to where the carrier has splice points on the long haul fiber but, once we find the right carrier, this is a great choice for dedicated services.

 For a free quote on any of these data network / business internet access types, please contact MDG and we will call and/or email you right away for further discussions