In today’s competitive business environment, the ability to make effective decisions in a shorter time-frame is central to success, which is why organizations are increasingly adopting mobile tools that reduce “time-to-decision,” according to a recent study published by Aberdeen Group.  In fact, the study suggests that best-in-class companies are 56 percent more likely than their peers to utilize mobile devices in their day-to-day operations.

MDG has deep experience with helping companies deploy mobile solutions that enhance effectiveness of their sales force, retail  efforts and operational processes, including production, field service and maintenance, procurement, supply chain and inventory management.

We also frequently audit and optimize customers’ mobile device plans because carriers constantly create and modify them, which can alter the economics for enterprises. Depending on plan changes, policy compliance, usage patterns, international roaming, abusive users and other factors that customers simply do not have time to monitor, we often uncover substantial savings and take appropriate action to realize those savings – usually without having to change carriers.