Your Trusted Credit Card Partner

At MDG Consulting Group Inc, we are dedicated to not only providing reliable and affordable solutions, but making sure your business receives the best customer support within the payments industry. With our partnership, you can expect flexible pricing, accuracy, and integrity.We are the processing company you’ve been looking for. 

Our Services

Credit Card Processing

We offer some of the most flexible credit card processing solutions in the industry.

eCommerce Solutions

Need a gateway or virtual terminal? Let us show you our portfolio of robust eCommerce solutions to help your business take off.

Equipment Installation

Whether you just need a robust terminal, or an all-inclusive POS system, we have you covered with our suite of products.

PayLo Cash Discount Program

PayLo is a cash discount program that can save you up to 90% off your current processing rates.  It has baked-in technology that automatically assesses service fees and discount amounts with each purchase. Much simpler than traditional processing, the program offers fixed flat or fixed %-based fee structures.

“Savings percentage may vary based on program and equipment. Speak with your local PayLo representative for exact savings analysis”

Ready To Start Saving?